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Achieve the optimal market entry into the German agricultural market

  • Is your target audience farmers and agricultural businesses in Germany?
  • Do you want to increase your market share in the German agricultural market?
  • Do you want to introduce new products to the German market?
  • Are you planning to enter the German agricultural market?
  • Are you looking for new distribution partners or agricultural machinery dealers in Germany?

With us, your market entry into Germany will be a success!

Finding the right marketing mix

Are you unsure of the best way to reach your target audience in Germany and do you want to know which media channels are suitable? As specialists in marketing in the German agricultural market, we know your target groups. We know which media they use to gather information. From the diverse agricultural media landscape, we select the appropriate channels for you, both in print and online. Contact us and receive your individual media plan!

Understanding the German agricultural structures

The agricultural structures in Germany vary greatly by region. Without the right knowledge, they can be difficult to grasp. However, it is important to know them to address your customers appropriately, as a farmer in northern Germany gathers information differently from a farmer in southern Germany or an agricultural cooperative in Saxony-Anhalt. With us, you will find your focus region and reach the farmers who have a demand for your products.

Expand your dealer network

Do you want to work with strong dealers in your focus regions? Are you unable to fully exploit the market potential because your distribution network is still too thin in particularly interesting regions? Rely on proven trade media to find new dealers and intensify your distribution. Take advantage of our know-how and receive an effective campaign for dealer search.

Get your company talking

Do you lack topics to report about your company, and you don’t know how to attract attention in the German agricultural industry? That works with the right trending topics. We are familiar with the trends in the agricultural market and connect them with your products. Through a thematic and content strategy, we identify topics, create target group-specific content, and ensure hight-reach publication on various channels.

Use public relations to get your message across

In agricultural public relations, the social and political environment plays a particularly significant role. With a smart PR strategy, you build, maintain and manage long-term relationships with the German public, customers and the media. Through press releases that resonate with German stakeholders, we, with our journalistic experience and expertise in the agricultural field, provide you with access to relevant media and users.

Trade fairs as a multiplier: Make yourself known in the German agricultural market

Do you want to directly engage with your customers? Take advantage of trade fairs and exhibitions for personal interaction. The German agricultural trade fair landscape is diverse. It offers regional and national events, catering to various target groups, from agricultural machinery and livestock farming to crop cultivation and municipal services. With a communication strategy specifically tailored to you and the organization of on-site press meetings, we ensure the optimal impact of your trade fair appearance.

Farmers believe in farmers – Build trust in your brand

Do you want to be taken seriously in the German agricultural market, be competitive, and gain credibility? The best way to achieve this is through practical user testimonials. Use satisfied customers as ambassadors, whether through testimonials, agricultural reports or interviews. We visit your customers, produce videos, photos and on-site interviews showcasing your references effectively.

Crash course “Market Entry Germany”

Our offer: An agricultural marketing workshop with various selectable topics such as:

  • Analysis/presentation of agricultural structures in Germany
  • Identifying target regions
  • Agricultural media and options for agricultural communication
  • Different agricultural markets such as crop cultivation, livestock farming, agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery trade, agricultural trade, agricultural organizations
  • Current trends in the German agricultural industry

We customize the workshop content to your preferences, specific industry, and target groups.

Request a non-binding quote!

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Our consulting offer

We offer you neutral consulting in marketing and strategy issues. Within the framework of consulting sessions or workshops, you can discuss market developments and strategies with us, get suggestions and tips for your own work and develop new ideas.


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