Take advantage of the potential of the leading agricultural technology trade fair

Your guide to a successful trade fair appearance

Visiting trade shows like AGRITECHNICA offers exhibitors great potential for a variety of reasons. First, they enable direct contact with existing and potential customers. Trade shows represent an excellent opportunity to present product innovations and services to a specific, interested audience. They facilitate the cultivation of business relationships and create scope for new partnerships.

In addition, trade shows provide important market insights. Exhibitors can track trends, monitor the competitive environment and get feedback on their offerings. Especially at a trade show like AGRITECHNICA, which is considered a pioneer for developments in the agricultural machinery industry, you can gain a competitive edge by learning about the latest innovations.

Why you shouldn’t miss AGRITECHNICA

AGRITECHNICA in Hannover, Germany, as the world’s leading exhibition for agricultural machinery, is not only the showcase for the global agricultural machinery industry, but also a vibrant forum that highlights issues and future challenges in crop production. It stands out as an international meeting place for all authoritative companies in the industry. With impressive numbers of 2,800 exhibitors, 450,000 visitors and 1,500 journalists, AGRITECHNICA offers an ideal platform to showcase your products, innovations and future-oriented concepts.




Your roadmap for AGRITECHNICA

Preparation for this trade fair is crucial. A successful trade show appearance can be a milestone in your company’s development, but it requires strategic planning and effective trade show communication. We offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure your success:

1. Media planning: Addressing your target groups in the right way

Your AGRITECHNICA stand should be much more than just an exhibition venue; it should become the central meeting point for your target groups. To achieve this, customized and strategic media planning plays an essential role. This is not just about presence, but primarily about directing exactly the right visitors – potential customers, sales partners and opinion leaders – to your stand. This requires in-depth analysis and a sound understanding of the media and channels used by your target group. Our job is to optimize your communications accordingly and ensure that your messages reach exactly where they will have the greatest impact.

2. PR work: Achieving attention in the media.

AGRITECHNICA is inevitably the focus of the agricultural media and represents an excellent opportunity to establish a presence in the industry. It is essential that your company and product innovations receive attention in the relevant media, both before, during and after the show. With our extensive PR expertise and years of experience in the agricultural media, we will develop a strategic media relations strategy for you that will ensure your innovations are picked up and disseminated by the media in a timely manner. Our goal is to maximize your visibility and bring your company to the forefront of the agricultural industry through a targeted and effective press approach.

3. Workshop: Market Entry and Agricultural Structures in Germany – Knowing How the Market Works

Germany is one of the largest agricultural markets in Europe and therefore offers significant opportunities for market participants. However, a successful market entry requires an in-depth understanding of the specific agricultural structures and target groups. We support you in building up this essential knowledge: Through in-depth market analyses, you will gain insights into the specifics of the German agricultural market and can integrate these findings directly into your strategy planning. To further facilitate the market entry process, we offer a special workshop. This crash course on German agricultural structures and target groups is a comprehensive resource that not only provides you with a sound overview of the market, but also includes practical tips and direct instructions for action.

AGRITECHNICA can do even more

Each of these three areas plays a decisive role in the success of your trade fair appearance. In addition, there is further potential in the run-up to AGRITECHNICA to generate attention for your company:

As the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural technology, AGRITECHNICA honors innovations and concepts that shape the future of the industry. For this reason, the German Agricultural Society (DLG) presents three coveted awards as part of the show, which are the highlights of each show year.

Applications for these novelty awards must be submitted by mid-July, and there are set eligibility criteria and an extensive application process. These awards provide an exceptional opportunity to showcase your innovations to a wide audience and be recognized by the industry. As your partner, we will help you prepare your application materials to ensure you have the opportunity to receive the recognition your products and concepts deserve. In doing so, we always keep an eye on the schedule for all measures and also support you with all time-critical measures:

Mid-July: Don't miss the deadline for registering your innovations

Registration deadline for novelties

Registration deadline for novelties

End of September: All relevant press releases should now have been sent out

Press dispatch

Press dispatch




End of November: Use the contacts and attention you have gained from the trade fair



Would you like to learn more about how you can incorporate these measures into your trade show planning and what a customized communication package might look like for you? Contact us to receive individual advice. We look forward to your inquiry!

In addition to AGRITECHNICA, we look after many other interesting trade fairs in Germany, such as demopark, Europe’s largest outdoor exhibition for the green industry.

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