Online Coaching: The Agricultural Update from GMC

Don’t miss any news in the agricultural industry anymore.
The GMC Marketing GmbH team will always keep you up to date!

Online Coaching: The Agricultural Update from GMC

In a world that is changing at breathtaking speed, agriculture is not unaffected. From environmental conditions to political decisions to technological innovations – all these factors are shaping the agricultural sector on a daily basis. The key to success in this dynamic environment? The timely recognition and understanding of these developments.

And that’s where our Agriculture Update comes in: it not only provides a comprehensive overview of current events, but also gives you a decisive information edge – whether you’re new to the industry or already have years of experience under your belt. Would you like to know what challenges and tasks are currently facing farms, grassland and in the coming weeks? The Agricultural Update keeps you constantly informed about the season’s progress. It highlights the work that needs to be done and where farm managers are currently facing particular challenges.

This keeps your finger on the pulse and enables you to make informed decisions in the agricultural industry.

Our offer

Ongoing Agriculture Update:

Monthly online coaching sessions in which we inform you about the current situation of agriculture in Germany and jointly develop measures.

Coaching duration: approx. 1.5 hours

Target group

The Agricultural Update is ideally suited for …

  • lateral entrants to the agricultural industry
  • Board members and managing directors who want to understand the agricultural situation in Germany
  • Marketing managers and sales managers who are looking for up-to-date insights into the agricultural sector

Your advantages & added value

Industry-specific know-how:

Benefit from a team that is always informed about current trends, market analyses and studies relating to agriculture.

Strategic Insights:

Learn how agricultural policy can impact your business and how to prepare for it.

Technology trends:

Get insights into the latest developments in SmartFarming, Precision Farming and Agriculture 4.0.


Get your update online, to fit your schedule and requirements.

Customized solutions:

Our team advises and coaches based on the specific requirements and goals of your company.

Time savings:

No need to sift through agricultural media.

Knowledge advantage:

Get answers to important questions, e.g. about the CAP, the GreenDeal and the EU’s Farm-to-Fork strategy.

Network building:

Access to an expert with extensive industry contacts.

Why GMC Marketing?

  • 30 years of industry experience: We are familiar with the current topics and trends in the industry. We understand the needs of target groups and know which communication channels to use to reach them.
  • Holistic approach: A team of professionals combining industry-specific knowledge and marketing expertise.
  • Individual & Personal: Online coaching sessions, whether 1:1, in a jour fixe or in a team workshop.

The GMC Marketing GmbH team will always keep you up to date!

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