Advertorial - efficient tool for optimal addressing in the B2B agricultural sector

What are the advantages of the advertorial? For which products is it suitable? 

More and more publishers offer their customers advertorials and native advertising. What exactly is meant by this and how are the chances of success for this advertising format in the B2B agricultural sector? Especially in agricultural marketing, agricultural advertising, for example as part of a strategy for the market launch of new agricultural machinery, new services or products such as new phytosanitary products?

The advertorial is not a new format, but a well-known form of advertising from the area of native advertising. The term “advertorial” is a combination of the words advertisement and editorial and describes the format quite well: The advertorial is a paid advertising format that is not immediately recognizable as advertising. It is very text-intensive and the layout is based on the editorial environment. It has the effect of a full-fledged editorial article to the readership.
Avertorials have existed in the print sector for decades. With the emergence and rapid development of online media, the advertorial quickly established itself as an online format. The same principle applies to the online area as to the print media: The look of the advertorial is adapted to the editorial environment.

What advantages does the advertorial offer compared to traditional advertising?
The advertorial compensates for the greatest weakness of the classic advertisement or classic banner advertising: While the banner and the advertisement are increasingly said to lack attention from users and readers, this does not apply to online advertorials. Online banners and pop-ups are often perceived as a disruption to the reading flow, advertorials far less so. Quite the reverse: appealing and informative headlines of the advertorial attract the reader’s attention.

What does the success of an advertorial depend on?
The effectiveness of an advertorial depends on the content quality: an appealing advertorial text that is informative and user-oriented has an intensive and lasting advertising effect on the reader. This effect is reinforced by the choice of the thematically appropriate environment – both in the appropriate specialist magazine or the corresponding online channel. Also important are meaningful and practice-oriented images that appeal to and “pick up” the reader. The most important recipe for success is content that is useful for the reader and offers him added value in terms of information. The more relevant the question and problem solution is for the target group, the greater the success of the advertorial will be.

Which products are advertorials best suited for?
The advertorial offers the particular advantage that products and services can be described and explained in detail. It is therefore particularly suitable for customizable products in the B2B area that require explanation. The advertorial is particularly recommended for cost-intensive products. The professional prospect and potential buyer needs well-prepared information to convince the decision-makers in their own company of the investment.

Advertorial vs. PR article
The advantage of the PR article compared to the advertorial is obvious: The advertorial is one of the paid content formats, which is, in opposite of the PR text, associated with costs. But this investment is worthwhile in several ways:
• In the case of PR specialist articles, the advertiser has no influence on the editing and adaptation of the specialist article by the editors; the editorial team can delete content that is important to the advertiser. With the advertorial, the advertiser determines what is published.
• Many editorial offices only publish PR specialist texts exclusively, so the content is displayed exclusively in one single medium; the advertorial, on the other hand, can be distributed independently of the time via a wide variety of communication channels.
• Targeted timing is also much easier by publishing advertorials, so the integration in a marketing campaign is possible
• The advertorial also offers more options for search engine optimization: While the specialist editors generally do not integrate external links with PR texts, any number of external links can be set in the advertorial.

What is important to know when you are planning to publish an advertorial?
For legal reasons, the advertorial should always be marked as advertising. Due to the adaptation to the editorial environment, the reader should not get the impression that he is being deliberately deceived. The assumption that well “camouflaged” advertorials have the greatest impact on the reader is also incorrect. On the contrary: An advertorial should always be clearly marked so as not to endanger the reader’s trust in the advertiser and the medium.

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