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Budget planning in the fall season

Which online activities work
in the agricultural sector?

In the fall season many CEOs and marketing directors take a closer look at advertising budgets for the next year. The tense situation on the agricultural markets leads to check all costs in the media plan and to look for cuts in agricultural advertising.

Deleting policy: The classic media plans with a high proportion of print ads have visually high individual prices per ad, especially for generalist titles. Here are at first glance tantalizing opportunities for the cost hunters: By the extinction of only one title often a five-digit cost reduction is realized.

The tightrope walk: Fewer ad placements obviously help to cut costs immediately, but am I still often enough presented to the target group? Can we advertise online in a cheaper way and maybe even more targeted?

Online alternatives: Banners and newsletters are created quickly and often cost less than a printed ad per item, mailing or month. But is this strategy also cheaper and more targeted? This question can´t be answered simply for each company and for each product.

Price/Performance: Even online advertising is not for free. Over the past two years, we have been researching many online tools in Germany as well as in other European markets. We have planned and implemented numerous campaigns for various products for our advertising agency’s customers.

The conclusion: We have had very different experiences. There are well-functioning newsletters in each country for well-defined sub-target groups with a good price / performance ratio. There are also newsletters that didn´t convince us. We’ve found and tested interesting opportunities for advertorials and good video presentation offerings.

Our result: Even today there are still well-functioning banner seats, but there are also financial “click-graves”. And in some markets there are powerful digital direct marketing concepts that arrive at the right customers.

Our offering

GMC Workshop „Online-Werbung 2017/2018“

Is online advertising an alternative to print advertising for you? Would you like to have an overview of the current opportunities in the German / European market? You want to discuss your ideas or need a “second opinion” on your current media plan?

In the framework of a one-day workshop at your company or at GMC, we introduce you to the current possibilities of online advertising around agriculture incl. evaluation. The spectrum ranges from newsletters, banners, advertorials, YouTube optimization and Facebook to exclusive newsletters and cross-media concepts.

We will show you best practice examples from the industry and would like to discuss approaches for your specific strategy. Interested? Please contact us.


GMC News

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New image video for E.L.F Hallenbau

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