Indigo Agriculture is expanding to Europe

Innovative technologies are first offered in Germany

Integrated approach to more sustainable agricultural supply chain

Indigo Agriculture expands to Europe and has opened a European headquarter in Switzerland. The US company offers a portfolio of advanced technologies to the agricultural sector, including microbial seed treatments, digital agronomy, and grain quality testing. The experienced industry specialist Georg Goeres will lead business operations as Head of Europe. Indigo will introduce itself and its innovative approach at Agritechnica 2019 in Hanover.

Indigo Agriculture, a company dedicated to harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet, announces its expansion into Europe and opens its headquarters in Basel, Switzerland. The company will service smallholders and largeholders, first in the German market and then gradually in other European countries. Indigo will connect with growers directly to bring high-quality and sustainably produced food to market. Indigo will then work with a range of other stakeholders to further optimize the agricultural supply chain, delivering traceable and nutritious products to consumers. Along with advances in soil science and pioneering technology platforms, Indigo is working to bring forth a more beneficial food system.

In the first instance, Indigo will offer German farmers microbial seed treatments, digital agronomy, and grain quality testing. Rollout for the company´s other offerings – such as Marketplace, an e-commerce platform where growers and buyers connect directly to transact on grain – will follow throughout 2020.
Going forward, Indigo will also enroll European growers within Indigo Carbon, a grower carbon sequestration and soil health program. This program complements The Terraton Initiative, a global effort to remove one trillion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it within agricultural soils.

“The European foodsystem is already at the forefront of setting consumer health standards and shaping sustainable agricultural practices,” said Karsten Neuffer, Indigo´s Chief Operating Officer, International. “Bringing our range of microbiome and digital technologies to this market will further support a system change towards more beneficial agriculture. We look forward to working with growers, buyers, and other partners along the ag and food value chain to tailor our offer to the local diversity of European crops and farming.”

About Georg Goeres
Georg Goeres has been announced as Indigo´s Head of Europe. For the past fifteen years, Georg worked in various leadership roles for a leading seed and crop protection company, including Head of Commercial Operations and Strategy, where he was responsible for the implementation of business strategy and market development in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Georg will roll out a plan that supports grower profitability, environmental sustainability and consumer health across the continent.

“Indigo is leading the movement towards a more beneficial agriculture,” said Georg. “That makes it the most exciting company I have been a part of in my 25-year career. With cutting-edge technology, microbial seed treatments, and an integrated approach to our food system, Indigo has the potential to improve the livelihoods of agricultural stakeholders within Europe.”

Presentation at Agritechnica 2019
Indigo will present itself at Agritechnica 2019. The world’s leading trade fair for agricultural technology will take place from 10th to 16th of November in Hanover. The European Indigo team will present the company´s vision and concrete steps in the European markets during a German and an English press conference.

About Indigo Agriculture
Indigo Agriculture was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The company currently employs about 920 people in five countries on three continents. In 2019 Indigo expanded to Europe and opened a headquarters in Basel, Switzerland. Indigo uses the properties of nature to help farmers sustainably feed the world’s population. Using innovative technologies throughout the agricultural supply chain, Indigo’s goal is to create an agricultural system that is profitable for farmers, conserves natural resources and is geared towards consumer interests. The technology portfolio includes microbiome technology for seed treatment, soil sampling techniques, cereal quality testing, remote sensing analysis and the e-commerce platform Marketplace, which handles transactions on grain. To learn more about Indigo, click here.

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