The most beautiful pictures from agriculture

Pictures by Andreas Dittmer

Individual pictures for unique messages

Agricultural photos by Andreas Dittmer – 3,500 photos in the image databank – image offer is adressed to editors and commercial users such as companies, advertising agencies, publishers, magazines, newspapers and associations

“Anyone who has pictures that everyone has, also says what everyone says.” True to this motto, the photographer and photojournalist Andreas Dittmer photographs various topics, including agriculture. In his image database at, interested parties can find almost 3,500 images from the agricultural sector – specifically, individually and professionally captured for the needs of editorial offices, press offices and agencies.

“Images are a very important part of modern communication. Individual and targeted statements require unique images”, says Andreas Dittmer. “Good pictures are the way on which messages reach people’s minds and hearts.” We at GMC are also convinced of the impact of his pictures. Therefore we have used many expressive photos of Andreas Dittmer in the creation process of our website and would like to thank him in this way.


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Organic farming is booming

Organic farming is booming

Agricultural holdings capitalize on organic farming more than ever. Nowadays one in eight farmers economizes “organic”. How do you get in contact with managers of these farms?

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